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Art Workshops

Ania is an accredited Institute of Management Business Coach and Learning Specialist, as well as a practicing artist.  Ania combines her passion for behavioural change with her artistic practice. Applied to coaching and team engagment workshops, it offers the mind space to reassess problems and create plans through an understanding that rational thought alone cannot offer. Ania offers a range of facilitated art workshops, which can be tailored to your needs and available both remotely or in the classroom  setting.

Artist Painting in Studio

Art  to Improve  Wellbeing

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing (2017) recommended organisations work with art for mental health. Art can be valuable in treating issues, anxiety and stress and  allows emotional expression without words to process complex feelings. Organisations can choose from two Wellbeing programmes, of a weekly hour-long class over seven weeks:

  • An introduction to the 7 elements of drawing

  • Still life and figure painting classes


The Arty Party

Whether you're looking for an alternative corporate event to visualise your brand and motivate your employees, or want a party with a difference. A conference, hen night, baby shower or birthday, this workshops helps unleash the Van Gough that's inside every one of us! It's a single two hour event, where you create an image of your choice,  this could be:

  • A portrait

  • Your brand as a painting

art intro

Art to stimulate creative business thinking

Art in business has the potential to unleash creativity, reveal new patterns and relationships, and help people visualise problems and future outcomes. As well as being fun it delivers new insights and perspectives to business challenges which cannot always be answered by logical, rational and scientific thought. Two half-day workshops to choose from:

  • Connecting Teams Through Art

  • Getting to the ‘Art’ of the matter: Problem solving through drawing

Art Workshops: Services
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