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From a Polish background Ania Ruszkowski is an artist living and working in Staines. Specialising in portraiture and figurative art. working primarily in oil and acrylic.

Her narratives capture the human condition. Inspired to chronicle the progress and strength of individuals who have overcome life’s challenges. Ania’s visual commentary is not always explicit, as she also explores the hidden world and emotions in society to create a spotlight on human stories sometimes forgotten. Narrative’s range from Carole’s darkest hour as she recovered from breast cancer, the freedom swimming offers from the wheelchair for Paula Craig, the first person with a complete spinal cord injury to swim the Channel to the unseen migrant workers who support our economy.

Ania’s work is uncomplicated and stylized.  Influenced by artists from her Polish heritage which range from Tamara de Lempicka’s Art Deco style to the simplicity of form seen in the contemporary Jacek Sroka, Wilhelm Sasnal and Katarzyna Karpowicz,

Having completed a Certificate in Portraiture at the Art Academy in London, Ania is now studying for a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Portraiture at the same school. With the intention of establishing herself as a figurative artist when she graduates in 2023.


Windsor Fringe Festival Artists Exhibition (2021)

Inside Out An artist's collaboration Newington Library (2021) : INSIDE OUT (

A collaborative exhibition exploring Lockdown: (2020)

Windsor Fringe Festival Artists Exhibition (2020)

Windsor Fringe Festival Artists Exhibition (2019)