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From a Polish heritage Ania Ruszkowski is an artist living and working in Staines. Ania’s Human Biology background has influenced her interest in anatomy and the body. 

She is a portraiture and figurative artist working primarily in oil and acrylic, often combining the two. Lockdown stimulated Ania's  interest in the representations of solitude and the single figure. This has led to an exploration of various scenarios and narratives around the theme of being alone. 

Having completed a Certificate in Portraiture at the Art Academy in London, Ania is now studying for a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Portraiture at the same school. With the intention of establishing herself as a figurative artist.


Windsor Fringe Festival Artists Exhibition (2021)

Inside Out An artist's collaboration Newington Library (2021) : INSIDE OUT (google.com)

A collaborative exhibition exploring Lockdown: www.100daysofsolitude.co.uk (2020)

Windsor Fringe Festival Artists Exhibition (2020)

Windsor Fringe Festival  Artists Exhibition (2019)