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Sleeping with Rothko.jpg

Sleeping with Rothko dreaming of Klimt

Oil on canvas, 50cm x 100cm

Carole 2.jpg

Carole: Survivor

Oil glaze over acrylic on canvas, 100cm x40cm

I give you my heart.jpg

Broken Heart

Acrylic on canvas, 42cm x 60cm

Swim free oil glaze over acrylic 70 x100 cm on canvas.jpg

Paula Craig: "The only time I am free of my wheelchair..."

Oil over Acrylic 120cm x70cm

me in the moon why a man.jpg

Woman in the Moon

Oil on Board 50cm x60cm


Lockdown: Alone Inside and Out

Oil on canvas, 61cm x76cm


Searching for Answers

Mixed media acrylic and on canvas 60cm  x 50cm

she looks just like a doll.jpg

As Pretty as a Doll

Oil glaze over acrylic on canvas 70cm x50cm

Waiting for Elvis oil on canvas 40 x 40 cm.jpg

Waiting for Elvis

Oil on canvas 40cm x40cm

Freedom acrylic on canvas 60 x 40cm.JPG


Oil on canvas 50cm x100cm



Acrylic on Paper 20cm x20cm

nail bar workers.jpg

The Nail Bar Factory

Oil on board 30cm x45cm.


Behind the Closed Door

Oil on canvas 100cm x150cm


Deliver Who

Mixed Media Oil and Acrylic 100cm x 100cm

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